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top 5 best microwave oven of 2021 with high performance

Nowadays people are having a very busy schedule they don’t have enough time to spend on cooking. instead of wasting time in the kitchen, there are plenty of gadgets that are available in this modern world. which makes your cooking very simple and efficient one of the gadgets is best microwave oven.

Having the best microwave oven is one of the most important and necessities without this Indian kitchen can’t be imagined.

Your kitchen will not be fully completed without modern accessories and gadgets that boost your efficiency and quality of cooking. The best microwave oven has a unique feature that makes it a hero of any kitchen.

The best microwave oven cooks food very rapidly correlated with traditional cooking it also saves 70% to 80% percent of the energy.

it is blessed with modern techniques its main features are comprised of user-friendly, auto-cook, LCD, timer, and many additional features.

This characteristic of oven cook the food within a instants.

Due to lots of products and different brands of microwave oven available in the Indian market, it is very difficult to choose satisfactorily and the best one for your kitchen which is efficient and value for the money !!

But don’t worry after analysing the features and customer review this article will provide all the features and brand which is best in the Indian market and help you to find the most accurate and leading microwave within your budgets

best microwave oven in india 2021

If you are searching for a top microwave convection ovens trustworthy brand and the best convection microwave with a stylish design and outstanding built quality Samsung 28l convection microwave is the great choice for your home it comes with a warranty & demo installation services

It is the best choice for the big family due to its large 28 l capacity it becomes the right choice for your vast number of the family it is very easy to operate for the beginners

Samsung 28L convection microwave is affordable and the best microwave

It comprises of ceramic interior which is very easy to clean, quick heating and it is much simpler to clean and maintain compared to traditional ss cavity oven

In this, the company gives you one round metal tray and two racks and it comes with two grills and one chapati tray it is energy, efficient and power consumption is very low

It had the feature of deodorization which automatically removes bed smell and does not make changes in the flavour of you food by bad smell it makes the food fresh and delicious

It comes with a different type of pre-auto cook recipe which saves your time. It accomplishes with child lock facility

Samsung 28L convection microwave has many features which make it unique from other ovens :

  • It is comprised of slim fry technology which gives you deep fry without using many oils slim fry option is great for the fries lover
  • It also accomplishes with an Indian auto cook recipes which is one of the most loved featured by Indian
  • Combination mode, roti cruise the great feature of this oven you will love to buy it
  • It is best for both veg and non-veg dish
7.7Expert Score

12,114 Ratings & 1,487 Reviews

Value for money
  • Easy to operate &amp
  • Clean Ceramic Cavity
  • Comes with several ready to cook options
  • The ceramic coating inside is highly recommended and only available in Samsung ovens
  • child lock facility
  • best choice for the big family due to its large 28 l
  • 6 month warrenty
  • control panel doesn’t have back light
5/24/2021 Update
Overall its build quality and interior, exterior both are excellent

it is a smart hybrid with lots of features and specifications this oven is best for the large family having a 30L capacity which is awesome.

It is very user friendly and anyone can operate easily this is one of the best value for money and best microwave oven compare with other brands

design of this oven is very clean and elegant with minimal red rose flower in it

This oven has more automatic controls features and controls which enables us to do our work while baking or cooking something in

it its main factors to buy this awesome oven is that it can be used for grilling, reheating deforesting and cooking

This ifb microwave oven that can fry food with little or no oil this feature makes it unique from other oven it is best for health-conscious family

This convection is of horizontal rotter which is best for cook grilled chicken

IFB is a leading and also have high authority in the Indian kitchen market

it is a reputed brand and trustworthy without hesitation you can go for it excellent brand with no compliment

It comprises of different menus option which are inbuilt and can be instantly applied

It includes child lock capabilities which is an important factor for any home it ensures complete safety especially for homes having a small kid

Overheating protection is also a major key point before buying an ideal &best microwave oven in India 2021 for the home

it protects food from too much heating which saves food from browning and makes healthier and fresh

Overheating protection also saves food from sticking into utensils and makes easy to clean

It is easy to wash with rust and stain free as it is built with stainless steel

It comes with a starter kit, cook book and led light

the main character of this oven which makes this unique from other brands are:

  • oil-free cooking
  • Combination cooking with power grill and combi tech
  • Auto cook setting
  • Multi-stage cooking
  • Steam cleaning – it is an ideal cleaning for Indian dish with a greasy and sticky meal
  • fermentation- this oven also gives you the facility if fermenting dough, butter, milk products
5/24/2021 Update
overall in this price segment it awesome product with a reputed brand and a 1-year warranty
8.2Expert Score

Worth every penny

value for money
  • Faster Cooking Experience
  • Good for Baking Cakes
  • Easily Cook Chicken On Rotisserie
  • oil-free cooking
  • child lock
  • Power consumption is High
  • starter kit is not well
  • low customer support

Disclaimer text…

LG is also one of the most reliable and trusted brands in the Indian market if you are planning to buy the best performance and long life microwave this oven is the best choice for your family

you will see a classy look with big space inside and heavy-duty LCD which makes it easy to read and operate

it comprised of fast hertz which helps you to cook food in very little time and saves your valuable time It has a 360° rotisserie which is very useful.

this is specially designed for a family with a large no of family member 28 L makes it a better choice to buy

this oven has many other features which make it unique from another brand one of the most important features is it has 251 auto cook menu which gives you a huge number of varieties of food
it is user friendly and can be easily operated by anyone who doesn’t know a single thing about microwave oven

it has a warm-keeping feature which maintains the heat of food for a long time and gives you a warm healthy and fresh food

it comes with lots of accessories like pasteurizing container, microwave safe
bowls, spatula, grills, rotisserie for grilling

the built quality of this oven is best
A lot of cooking options (microwave, grilling, convection, baking, etc) available

  • 28-Liter Capacity
  • Stainless-Steel Cavity
  • 251 auto cook menu
8Expert Score

A large option of varieties of auto cooking food

value for money
  • user friendly
  • Wide Window
  • 251 auto cook men
  • fast hertz
  • LCD display
  • The outer cover is prone to rust
overall if you want a trusted brand, built quality, and huge no of cooking varieties then go for it

If you are searching for an all-rounder and budget-friendly you can go for it At this price, we are getting Convection Microwave (that means grill+convection) from one of the most reputed & purely Indian brands which are really great.

it comes with a 19-liter capacity which is suitable for medium-sized family child lock facility is also there it is a very important factor for safety this is best for the family having kids

it is user friendly and advanced control feature with Tactile buttons to set the temperature/timer and Jog Dials that are simple to use with a long life

it special feature which makes it different from others brands are digital display 125 insta cook recipes which is one of the most loved feature in indan market it is interrogated with a led display which makes it easy to read and operate

microwave can be used for baking along with grilling, reheating deforesting and cooking this is best for both veg and nonveg lover you can cook continuously up to 95 min

its built quality is awesome it is made with steel and very tough outer layer and, Stainless Steel Cavity inside the oven which is rust free and gives the oven a long life

due to stainless steel, it is very easy to clean and scratch-free its design is classy and beautiful which attract the eye of the customer

the company also provide essential tool kit with a box including Main Unit, Warranty Card, User Manual, Crusty Plate, Grill Rack, Starter kit, Steam Clean Bowl, Tarla Dalal Book, Vertical Rotisserie which is very essential during cooking and baking food

it comes with a 1-year warranty from the company and 3 year on magneton which is similar to other brands oven

this company has a high authority in home appliances product and purely Indian brand which is really great.

this Best microwave oven oven gives you the feature You can Heat, Defrost, Cook, Bake, and Grill. which is great in this price segment

overall  If you are a food lover & don’t want to spend a lot of money on this, just buy it.
8Expert Score

best in budget

value for money
Child Lock
  • Stainless Steel Cavity
  • Jog dial to select duration
  • 125 insta cook recipes
  • Lcd display
  • less warrenty

Morphy Richards Convection Microwave Oven has a innovative design with graet feature

it has premiunm desingn and coves with 30 l capacity

which is great for the large no of members in a family it has many advanced features which deliver tastily, cooked food for your whole family and at the same time saves time and energy.

Morphy Richards Convection a microwave oven in India 2021 Microwave Oven comes with pre-set cooking modes that have 200 preset which makes it unique from other ovens brands it gives users a large variety of auto cook options.

it can be used for baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting, and cooking it is user friendly and very advance feature (Touch Key Pad) membrane which is very sensitive to touch, and this help to easy to clean

it also have a clhild lock facility which makes it more advance and save for the family having small kid

users also got Microwave safe non stick pan, Rotisserie set and Grill rack.

7.5Expert Score

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value of money
  • easy to use
  • child lock
  • 251 pre-set cooking
  • innovative design
  • noisy
  • it take more space
overall best for the family who loves cooking different items and varieties it has 200 preset which makes it unique

Best microwave oven in India 2021

Why should you buy microwave oven its advantages:

Having the best microwave in 2021 in this modern have plenty of advantages some of the advantages are:

  • Takes less time to cook food:  As we know that microwaves ovens run in the system of vibrating the molecule of water it vibrates the water millions of times to cook food which results in faster cooking in the microwave compared to traditional methods
  • Easy to use: It is very easy to use it composes of a user-friendly design and easy to read and cook even if have not used you won’t face any difficulty
  • Multi-purpose uses: Another advantage of the best microwave oven is that you can use it for many purposes such as deforesting, reheating, and cooking
  • No change in taste and nutrition: Cooking food in the traditional method makes the food fewer nutrients as burning in high flame food become fewer nutrients and its flavor changes slightly but it doesn’t recognize in the microwave oven
  • no change in flavour Microwave cook the food without burning it which makes no change in taste and nutrition which makes the food full of nutrients and full of flavor
  • Easy to clean :This is one of the most benefit of microwave that it is very eSy to clean in less than a minute compared to cooking food in traditional method
  • It cooks the food without heating the utensils and without burning the food and don’t let the food stick around the utensils which makes it extraordinary
  • it is well furnished and glass finished through which any one can easily clean it with a small piece of towel it saves lots of time and manpower
  • Less energy consumptionthe best Microwave oven runs in very low voltage and cooks food in very less consumption of energy it runs in the work between 600- 1200 voltage
  • No smoke and safeIt runs in a very less amount of energy and does not produce smoke and heat in the kitchenit is also very safe for children because some of them have child lock capabilities

Types of microwave oven

There are two types of microwave oven which are present in the market that is slightly different from each other before choosing to buy you should aware of these

  1. convection microwave ovens
  2. Solo microwave oven

Convection microwave oven

Convection microwave oven is also known as a fan-assisted oven or an oven it runs in the mechanism of circulating the fan around the food

which blows very hot air around the food and cooks very instantly compare to a solo microwave oven it allows bake and cooks food in addition to heating them.Used for grilling,baking,frying,roasting,deforesting,reheating,


  • A convection microwave oven cooks food rapidly due to combinations of convection and microwave cooking
  • they are very impressive and high tech
  • easy to use, user-friendly, and self-cleaning feature
  • Convection microwave oven comprises of rack which allows you to cook multiple dishes at once
  • no change of flavor can cook multiples type of food at once
  • no change of flavor can cook multiples type of food at once


  • They are a bit expensive than the solo oven
  • Baked foods may not rise properly

solo microwave oven

The solo microwave oven which doesn’t have the features of grilling and convecting and they are the simplest this is considered as a solo oven

they are not as advance as convention microwave they are best for simple cooking and reheating


  • solo microwave oven is very cheap in price
  • best for a small number of family
  • Easy to care for and use
  • solo microwave is best for simple cooking


  • limited features compared to convection microwave
  • Automatic mode is not available in a solo microwave oven
  • grilling and baking features are not existent

key things to consider before buying a microwave in 2021

size of the microwave:

it can be chosen according to the number of family members if an f a family having 2-3 member a small-sized microwave is a right choice ( 18-20 Liter ) While family having more than 2-3 member they should go with the large microwave (20-30 liter ) with high powe

the mid sized one (20-30 liter ) is the most popular

brand :

some of the most popular brands are Samsung ,Toshiba, LG, IFB they are leading and trustable manufacturer of Best microwave oven in India 2021

automatic sensor:

it plays a big role during selecting the best microwave oven automatic sensor shut down the oven automatically when the sensor recognised that the food is properly cooked it prevent over heating of the food and hence save the energy

power rating:

it also play a mojor role in saving money through electricity

having more rating lesser will be the cooking time small microwave usually consume less energy(800-1000) to cook food compare to bigger one (1000-1600)

Control panel :

having a good control panel help you to better understand the machanism and feature of oven during cooking food and easy to cook food it shoud be user friendly that a new comer can also operate it.

child safety :

this is also an important feature to consider while buying an microwave

this feature is most important for the family having small kids

this will lock the oven during cooking which prevents from any misuse of oven and avoiding accident

ease of cleaning:

it is the most difficult and time-consuming work it depends on the built quality of any oven because having glass and stainless steel inbuilt are easier to clean because due to inbuilt material only the scratches and rusting can be prevented


you should always go with the brand that gave you the 2-3 year if warranty such product give will last longer and its build quality will also be best

Temperature controller:

this feature will maintain the suitable temperature of your oven which preventing it from overcooking

best microwave oven India 2021 – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION (FAQ)

what is solo microwave oven

The solo microwave oven which doesn’t have the features of grilling and convecting and they are the simplest this is considered as a solo oven they are not as advance as convention microwave they are best for simple cooking and reheating

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