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9 Proven tips to buy a Best Water Filter for home 2021

Best Water Filter

Best Water Filter buying guide 2021

Are you confused about the perfect water
filter for home

bye the end of this article ‘tips to buy Best Water Filter for home 2021’
you will able to narrow down the perfect water filter for you


Why do I need a Water Purifier?

Nowadays water is so much contaminated that without a filter it can’t be drinkable. due to the increase in pollution day by day water also getting polluted and not are best for drinking and also not good for health. as we know that water is the most essential part of our body. most of the diseases are caused due to drinking contaminated water. due to too much of contamination, all the people are recommended to use a filter for purifying water It additionally filters 99.1 % of impurities, together with lead, clay, chlorine, salt, sand, silt, etc. so having an ideal and Best Water Filter is a blessing

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Is it good to use water purifier?

yes, it is good to use the Best Water Filter because water filter removes all types of dirt and impurities Best Water Filter protects us from many harmful bacteria and germs and removes harmful chemicals like arsenic and chlorine which are unfit for our body and make the water fine to drink safely.


What is a TDS meter used for?

TDS meter
tds meter

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids it is a unit through which we can measure the amount of substance dissolve in any water though this only we can determine that the water is useful for drinking or not it is usually measure in parts-per-million or ppm.

TDS is commonly heard by many people but most are confused about its meaning and importance TDS comprised of inorganic salts such as calcium, magnesium, chlorides, sulfates, bicarbonates, etc and many more inorganic compounds that easily dissolve in water and improper amount of dissolve of this component make the water unsafe to drink it is one of the main features of the Best Water Filter to measure it.


What is a good TDS level ?

now in your mind, one question arrives that what is the good level of TDS ? which is safe for drinking water and makes water suitable to drink

TDS Level in parts per million(ppm)Palatability Quotient
Between 50-150Excellent for drinking
TDS chart

now you are clear that which level is best for drinking water


How do you measure TDS levels in water?

To measure the tds level there are many equipment which can measure the tsd level of water 

Using Digital TDS Meter (Easiest)


What are the benefits of Best Water Filter?

  • a Best Water filter Can Give Your Skin a Healthier Glow
  • The Water Purification Process Removes Harmful Chemicals
  •  Clean Water Helps Digestion
  • You’ll Have More Energy Throughout the Day
  • pure water keep away from harmful germs and bacteria which cause fetal disease

When to buy an RO water purifier

RO water filter is used when your areas have high TDS level i.e.  to much salinity, contamination of water having heavy metal & chemical dissolved which can’t be removed without a filter in any method so having an Ro is best for high TDS level


What types of water purifiers are available ?

The most commonly used methods of purification are (A) Ultra Violet Based Technology (B) Reverse Osmosis Technology (C) Resin Based like Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine &.tradition method like boiling.


What is the price of a best water filter ?

before buying a water filter you must keep in mind about the authentication of water filter You can shop from many types of filters from like RO or reverse osmosis, UV or Ultraviolet, and

Gravity-based water purifiers gravity based purifier range start from 1500-3500

& RO water purifier price starts from Rs 9000 and can go up to 26000. UV purifiers start from Rs 7000 to 9000 they are the Best Water Filter

So, which is the best water filter for your home?

TDS LevelType of Purifier
0-200UV Water Purifier
200-300RO+UV water purifier
best water filter

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